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FitCityClub is a supportive community where people can feel comfortable, motivated, and encouraged while accomplishing their fitness goals. Established in 2015, FitCityClub is a place where fitness enthusiasts of ages and backgrounds come together to work out in a fun, non-judgemental environment. Join the #FITFAM today.

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FitCityClub is an outdoor fitness and wellness group. Our goal is to make fitness fun. We don’t believe in working out alone. Human beings are social creatures. At FitCityClub, we love to laugh, joke, and have fun. After all, nothing brings people together like sweating and physical suffering, right? Kidding, but if you’ve ever done a boot camp, you’ll know what we mean.

We desire to build a community of fitness enthusiasts. Our group exercises were created to get your blood pumping in a friendly, fun, and always non-judgemental setting.

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